Videos from the Norwegian Human Rights Fund

Interview with an Afghan Human Rights Defender

Afghan human rights defender Horia Mosadiq discusses the human rights situation in Afghanistan in the wake of the last months' development, and what gives her hope for the future.

The International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

In this video, human rights defenders from organisations supported by the NHRF who are working with enforced disappearances demands to know where their friends and family members are. The NHRF is proud to support work against enforced disappearances around the world!

The International Women's Day 2021

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund is committed to achieving gender equality. We have asked three women leaders to share their reflections on the importance of female leadership, which is in line with this year's theme for the International Women's Day: “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”.

Seasonal greetings from the NHRF

The NHRF wants to thank all grantees, donors and partners for our cooperation in 2020, and wish you all a happy new year!

Fighting for Human Rights Around the World

On December 10th we celebrate the Human Rights Day. In this video, human rights defenders from different countries share their thoughts on the importance of the fight for human rights. The NHRF is proud to support human rights defenders across the world!

Messages and recommendations from Human Rights Defenders

During the NHRF and the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights' joint webinar on Dec 4th 2020, we presented recommendations and messages to Norwegian and international actors on how to best support human rights work. Listen to Nighat, Ruki and Alexandra's stories here!

Celebrating the Beijing Declaration and UNSC Resolution 1325

The NHRF celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the 20th anniversary of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325. The NHRF is proud to support so many women peacebuilders and human rights defenders across the world who are working to realize these visions of gender equality!

The International Women's Day 2020

The work of women human rights defenders across the world is crucial in the fight against human rights violations. The Norwegian Human Rights Fund supports all women who fights for their rights. Happy International Women's Day 2020!

Struggle for land and environmental rights in Colombia

In Colombia, organizing in the defense of land and environmental rights is a high risk activity. The issue of access to land and territories involves deep, structural underlying factors of the armed conflict, and is the scenery for continued human rights violations. Civil society plays a key role in the struggle for land and environmental rights. The Norwegian Human Rights Fund supports their work in Colombia, as well as in Mexico, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Women Human Rights Defenders in Colombia

NHRF's video made for the International Women Human Rights Defenders Day 2019!

Together for Peace in Colombia - Juntos por la Paz en Colombia

How do you support peace in Colombia, and how can the Norwegian civil society support peacebuilding in Colombia? Watch the video and hear the message that six human rights defenders in Colombia send to the Norwegian civil society.

Struggle for land and environmental rights in Thailand

Assembly of the Poor is a nationwide movement of rural and urban grassroot groups organizing to collectively defend and promote the rights of the poor. Human rights defenders in Thailand are facing harassment, defamation and accusations. The human rights defenders most at risk include those who fight for economic, social and cultural rights, particularly land rights. Learn more about Assembly of the Poor's work in the video.

The search for truth in Colombia

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund supports Colombian human rights defenders searching for the truth about what happened during the long conflict. Supporting vulnerable and marginalized groups in their struggle to gain access to justice and to work against impunity, is a central focus for our global work for human rights.

Stop attacks against human rights defenders in Colombia!

Civil society plays an indispensable role in the struggle for peace and human rights in Colombia, which is one of the most dangerous places for human rights defenders in the world. Social leaders demand guarantees for their right to defend human rights.

Message from human rights defender Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson is a member of the NHRF’s advisory board and is the Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch in Asia. Here is his message about the situation for human rights defenders in Thailand and the need for international solidarity.

Women defenders of the land, territory and environment in México

Today we celebrate International Mother Earth Day! Local human rights defenders are crucial when it comes to taking care of our planet and obtaining sustainable development. Here is a peek into the work and life of an indigenous human rights organization in Mexico that work to defend their land and lives against the negative consequences of extractive industries.

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund supports the School Strike for Climate

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund supports the School Strike for Climate. Here is a solidarity message from Land- and Human Rights Defender Anne Lapapan Supamanta.

The International Women's Day 2019

On the International Women's Day we raise a special thanks to all women human rights defenders that every day stand up for women and girls, men and boys around the world. The NHRF proudly supports the work of brave women!

Jan Egeland and the history of NHRF

Learn more about The Norwegian Human Rights Fund's history in this video!

Lasting Peace in Colombia/ Debate + Film

Lasting Peace in Colombia: In December 2018, two years after the Norwegian-lead peace agreement between FARC and the Colombian government, the Truth Commission started its work. The search for truth is central to the settlement after more than 60 years of conflict. This work is essential for victims in order to continue their lives and to create permanent peace. At the same time, the armed conflict is far from over. Colombia is now supposed to have peace, yet human rights defenders and members of social movements are killed in greater numbers than ever. Where does the peace process and the human rights situation in Colombia stand today? What implications does a Truth Commission have for a fair solution for the victims of the conflict?