The NHRF expects all of its staff and partners to contribute in a proactive, preventative, and positive way to ensure a safe environment for people engaged with their work and to strictly adhere to a policy of zero-tolerance for corruption, discrimination and harassment. The organizations that receive grants from the NHRF have a responsibility to protect their own employees, volunteers and members, as well as their partners and local communities that are affected by their interactions. Concretely, this means that the NHRF expects all grantees to adhere to the NHRF’s safeguarding and anti-corruption policy and to develop best practices in how to ensure a healthy working environment and systems to prevent and detect misuse and fraudulent behavior. The NHRF respects the independence of its partners and grantees, who frequently work in complex and difficult environments. Funding is made available on the basis of trust in their expertise and integrity to properly navigate those complexities, including consideration for the reputation and standing of the NHRF.

However, If you are a staff member, beneficiary, implementing partner or other agent with a relation to any of the NHRF’s grantee organisations, and you are concerned that there is a breach of equality, human rights law, our guidelines, or any other misconduct related to work, you can report your concerns to us.

How to submit a report:

All concerns may be reported through the online reporting form below.

Please note that it is not appropriate to submit funding proposals or general enquiries through this mechanism. For funding proposals, please follow our front page where all calls for proposals will be announced and for general enquiries please refer to our Contact us page.

You do not have to give us your name or contact details, but it is helpful if you do and we encourage this. We will not disclose your identity without your consent to protect you from potential retaliation, unless there are legal reasons that require us to do so.

We will make a record of your concern and decide whether to take any action on it. When doing this, we will take into account our safeguarding policy and our anti-corruption policy, but these are not exhaustive. Concerns that you may report include:

  • Financial irregularities
  • Corruption
  • Fraud/embezzlement
  • Bullying
  • Harassment, including all forms of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse
  • Discrimination of any kind

We may not need to contact you, but we do take all concerns seriously and deal with them on a case-by-case basis. If we need more information we will get in touch if you have agreed that we may do so and have given us your contact details.

Online form: